Experts in Pallet Rack Installation Across the Western US

Experienced Design Services

Whether you’re opening a new warehouse or you’re updating an existing one, the supply chain and storage experts at ANE Rack & Shelving have been designing custom rack systems and warehouse layouts for over 32 years. We address all of the critical factors in a successful racking system, including pallet weight, pallet height, utilization factors, distance from the floor to the first beam, seismic Na and Nv factors, and much more. With ANE Rack & Shelving as your trusted partner, we can design the perfect pallet rack or wire mesh deck system for your enterprise’s everyday needs.

Precision Installation Services

When it comes to swiftly and safely installing customized pallet rack systems and wire mesh decks, there’s nobody better on the West Coast than ANE Rack & Shelving. We design and install all systems to match the exact needs of your facility and your daily operations, ensuring you get the best supply chain and storage solution for your business. All work is performed by our experienced onsite craftsmen and we follow strict safety protocols to complete the work on time and without any hidden expenses.

Reliable Repair & Maintenance

It can be difficult for facility managers and business owners to maintain the functionality and structural integrity of their pallet racks and wire mesh decks. Fortunately, ANE Rack & Shelving makes it easy for clients to keep their storage systems in peak condition. Our team provides precision repair and ongoing maintenance to any system we provide to our clients, regardless of the system’s size, age, complexity, or weight. We’re always ready to help our clients keep their racking systems in work-ready condition!

New & Refurbished Product Sales

As a leading supplier of pallet rack and shelving systems, the ANE team provides a competitive advantage to our clients across the Western United States. We offer competitive pricing for our custom products, and we sell both new and refurbished systems to help match our client’s budget requirements. Systems that we restore are typically sold back to our customers at ⅔ to even half of the original value. We also run many product liquidation specials, so be sure to contact us if you’re in the market for affordable rack and shelving solutions.

Other Services & Consulting Areas

  • Facility Sizing Models
  • Fire Sprinkler Positioning
  • Hazardous Storage
  • Cooler & Freezer Sizing
  • Reserve Storage
  • SKU Counts
  • Packing Summaries
  • Pick Positioning
  • Pallet & SKU Analysis
  • Slotting & Movement
  • Square Footage
  • Lift Truck Accommodations
  • Truck Flow Scale Logistics
  • Material Handling